Giving Tuesday 2023

Giving Tuesday 2023

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$903 Raised$2,000 Goal

Raised by 11 people in 3 months

This Giving Tuesday we are raising money to help pay our Artistic Directors, karen and Nicole, who are receiving a part time salary for the first time EVER!

By investing in us you are:

  • Helping us live our values by paying our directors the way we pay other artists.
  • Investing in the larger dance community as we continue to grow our Buttress mentoring programs.
  • Supporting the artists who receive Buttress mentoring FOR FREE by making sure we can continue to pay karen and Nicole to offer mentorship.

For every 5 donations (of ANY AMOUNT) Monkeyhouse receives on Giving Tuesday we will receive an additional $15 from a generous donor! So whatever amount is comfortable for you will help us reach our bonuses!

$15 for every 5 donations means an extra $3 for every single donation! That can add up quick!

If you’re feeling generous, we also have a goal of raising $2000 for the day, and if we reach it, a generous donor will give us an ADDITIONAL $500!

So please donate whatever you can and then spread the word about our campaign. Every donation will help us increase karen’s and Nicole’s salaries in the coming years until we are able to pay them both a full time salary!

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